Publication Information
Publisher none yet
First appearance Abducted
Created by Ave Messer
Character Information
Alter ego Zhia (no alter ego)
Gender Female
Ethnicity Caucasian-looking centaur
Place of birth another dimension
Orientation Straight
Age not known
Eyes Hazel
Hair Brown
Height not stated
Weight not stated
Team affiliation Seraphim
Notable aliases none known
Power Super strength, centaur, extra limbs

Zhia is a member of the extremist superhero group the Seraphim.


In another dimension, Zhia was the strongest of her tribe. In part because of her extra pair of arms, all believed she was chosen to be the leader when her time came. However, this was not to be. When the barrier between hers and another reality was breached, her tribe almost did not survive. Rescued by an evangelical family, she was brought back to their dimension and went to school in a world populated by those far unlike her. She made fast connections with Phobia, Bind and Lash, in part due to her adopted brother Sea Embers's connection to them through his Christian club, which became the ISC squad the Seraphim. These connections continue to today, as the Seraphim are now a sanctioned superhero team.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

As a centaur, Zhia can travel as fast as a horse in its prime. Her limbs, of which she has four, are imbued with super strength. She is well versed in the warfare of her tribe and is comfortable with a spear and the tribe's cerimonial whip.


Zhia looks for approval at many times, but also wishes to have time to herself. She has never felt right out of her dimension, but she knows that there is no tribe to go back to. Her political views mirror those of the team, though she secretly wonders how valid the claim that they are angels is.