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Publication Information
Publisher Pride Comics
First appearance Pride High #1
Created by Tommy Roddy
Character Information
Alter ego Jarot Claas
Gender Male
Ethnicity Indonesian, Somali, Dutch
Place of birth Jakarta, Indonesia (raised in San Francisco, CA)
Orientation Gay
Age 22
Eyes Brown
Hair Black
Height 5'10"
Weight 155 lbs
Team affiliation Poseidon Prep faculty
Notable aliases none known
Power Plant control

Verdant is the heroic name of Jarot Claas, head resident advisor at Poseidon Prep.


While tending to her new garden, JC's mother was distracted when her husband brought a 4 year old JC to watch. Her clippers sliced into her hand, causing her husband to rush over. He set JC down just as there was an explosion of movement all around the trio. The recently mowed grass suddenly reached past their ankles, peppers grew huge upon their vines, and flowers burst into bloom well before season. Only when JC let go did his mother realize that he had cupped her injured hand in his. The blood of the wound remained, but the wound itself was gone without even a scar. That was the first and last time that JC was allowed in the family garden.

Weeks later, JC's parents bought a McDonald's franchise. Soon Indonesian staples like tempeh were replaced with McLeftovers. A decade passed, and an asthmatic, overweight JC happened to make a vegan friend in high school. With a bit of youthful rebellion, JC decided to give it a try. To his surprise, within three months his asthma abated enough for him to ditch his inhaler. Soon after, the powers that he had attributed to childhood fantasies became very real once more.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

Verdant can animate and dramatically increase the growth rate of any plant that is approximately within a 100 foot radius, providing him with a ready source of flailing tree limbs, ensnaring vines, and the like. He accomplishes this by amplifying and manipulating what he cryptically calls the "life essence" of plants. He is also able to draw upon this energy to heal himself and others.

He is also an amazing cook and gardener extraordinaire, even without his powers.


A dedicated vegan and whole foods guru, Verdant blanches at conventional produce, eschews groceries laden with non-recyclable packaging, and fails to see the hypocrisy of wearing the queen of synthetic fibers, spandex. "Yes, it IS easier to garden in this!" Still, the crunchy Californian is as tender and nurturing with people as he is with his garden. At a party, Verdant's green thumb can even make wallflowers bloom.

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