Sea Embers
Publication Information
Publisher none yet
First appearance Abducted
Created by Ave Messer
Character Information
Alter ego Henry Lindsay
Gender Male
Ethnicity Caucasian
Place of birth not known
Orientation Straight
Age not known
Eyes Blue
Hair Blond
Height not stated
Weight not stated
Team affiliation Seraphim
Notable aliases none known
Power Pyrokinesis, hydromancy

Sea Embers is a member of the extremist superhero group the Seraphim.


A formidable force in his school's ISC squad due to his command of two elements, Sea Embers took leadership of his squad and made sure it stayed together after the team graduated.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

Sea Embers has the powers of pyrokinesis and hydromancy and knows much of their practical applications.


Sea Embers is a fundamentalist Christian, and follows the scriptures by the interpretation of many such organizations. He sees himself as a chosen one to wipe the evils of sin from the Earth. To him, all those with powers are of a greater calling, some chosen by God to be angels, others damned as demons by Satan.