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Publication Information
Publisher Pride Comics
First appearance Pride High #7
Created by Madelin Rostron
Character Information
Alter ego Daffyd "Daffy" Gallagher
Gender Male
Ethnicity Caucasian
Place of birth Wales, UK
Orientation Bisexual
Age 16
Eyes Blue
Hair Light brown
Height 5'9"
Weight 67 kg
Team affiliation Masterminds
Notable aliases none known
Power Psychometry

Rhyfel is the heroic name of Daffy Gallagher, member of the Masterminds.


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Powers and abilitiesEdit

Daffy Gallagher is a prodigy. His gift? War.

He has an instinctual awareness of the workings and use of almost every kind of weapon. Simply by touching something he knows how it works and how to use it in any combat situation. He has expert knowledge of the use of, as well as being able to build, repair, modify or disassemble, any object that can be used to protect or attack.

Keeps himself in top physical condition in order to most efficiently use his power in combat. He's also a strategy expert, an avid study of warfare and battle history. He is an enthusiastic mechanic and inventor, which is his true passion, although it doesn’t come to him nearly as easily as warfare, leading to some frustration. He creates detailed plans for weapons of his own design, but while he is always working on something he has yet to build many of his own inventions. He’s learning to play bass guitar but isn’t very good.


He hasn’t finished growing upwards yet so his thick musculature makes him appear slightly compressed. Daffy has a long-standing superstition that the level of his genius is directly linked to the length of his hair. It’s at the base of his spine now and it’s predicted that by the time it hits his calves he’ll have solved the world energy crisis. He has a pair of intelligent goggles for use in the workshop, which he wears on his forehead most of the time.

He’s thinking about getting a tattoo. A big one.

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