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Publication Information
Publisher Pride Comics
First appearance Pride High #7
Created by Paul Timm
Character Information
Alter ego Lori Porter
Gender Female
Ethnicity  ?
Place of birth  ?
Orientation Straight
Age 16
Eyes Tawny gold
Hair Brown with ivory highlights (Ferruginous hawk)
Height 5'4"
Weight 120 lbs
Team affiliation Feral Force
Notable aliases none known
Power Super strength, animal language

Raptana is the heroic name of Lori Porter, member of Feral Force.


She has no idea where she came from. She was found at the approximate age of 10 by (a member of the staff), though it's evident she had been living on her own for several years in the (mountains, plains, or perhaps Utah). After undergoing many tests, it was determined that her appearance was not the result of a mutation (engineered or otherwise), and she had no detectable magical energy residue. Her DNA seems to have some genuine human components with 'something else' ocurring naturally. The current theory is that she has been displaced from an alternate reality or some far distant plane of existence.

Since arriving here, she quickly took to spoken communication and picked up social conventions rapidly. She's been involved with people and the supers community for almost 4 years now, so she does have a good grasp on what the world's about, but still lacks the in-depth understanding behind human motivations.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

Aside from her wings and talons, Raptana has exceptional eyesight and can communicate with birds. That's not to say that birds are deep conversationalists, but she can get them to patrol an area or relay some simple bit of information.

She also has a few of the standard superhero abilities at very low levels: enhanced strength (she could lift and carry 360 pounds), ability to soak damage that would break a normal human's bones, the ability to carry on a conversation while fighting multiple opponents... the basics.

Raptana's various hunting and tracking-related skills are rated at preternatural levels. Mostly instinctive, she often can't explain why she knows what she does and would be lousy at trying to teach anyone else.


Friendly and a touch naive, Lori is a bit of a chatterbox. She's not unpopular and tends to hang out with two or three different cliques. There's no way she could pass for "mundane", so she doesn't try.

When she gets "in the zone" as regards to hunting, she becomes quite focused and deadly serious. She has trouble remembering things that happen when her animal nature takes over - not amnesia or a split personality thing, more like her human nature takes a back seat and experiences things as if she were daydreaming.

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