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Publication Information
Publisher Pride Comics
First appearance Pride High #7
Created by Julie Salisbury
Character Information
Alter ego Susie King
Gender Female
Ethnicity Caucasian
Place of birth Pacific City, CA
Orientation Straight
Age 16
Eyes Hazel
Hair Auburn
Height 5'5"
Weight 117 lbs
Team affiliation The Vixxens
Notable aliases none known
Powers Super strength, super durability, super speed

PowerUp is the heroic name of Susie King, member of The Vixxens.


Born and raised in Pacific City, Susie is used to seeing people with super powers, so when her own abilities developed around puberty she wasn't all that shocked. She found it kinda neat, actually.

Susie has no traumatic backstory, no need for revenge. She is just a normal girl who developed super powers one day. She continued to attend her school, only slightly disturbed by the changes her superpowers caused in her relationship with her fellow students.

One of these changes was that she was no longer welcome on any of the sporting teams she had previously enjoyed, as there was feeling from some that it would be cheating. Susie tried explaining that her strength and speed only occured during her transformation, but there was still suspicion.

Every school has a bully and when he decided to pick on her one day, she hit him. Unfortunately she unintentionally bulked up and almost put him through a wall.

After a long discussion with her parents regarding her occasional inability to control her powers, she decided to transfer to a "super school", and where else would she go but Poseidon Prep?

Powers and abilitiesEdit

Susie calls it "bulking up". When she needs to, her body increases height and mass, making her stronger, faster and less vulnerable.

Naturally athletic, works well in a team. When in her super state she is very strong, agile and fast. While she can be hurt, just like a regular person, the damage is less.


Friendly. She likes hanging out with people and will strike up conversations with strangers rather than mope about on her own. Smiles all the time and likes a good laugh. Likes the idea of heroes, but isn't sure if she is going to be one. It's more important that she gain perfect control of her powers right now, though she was quick to come up with a hero name for herself.

Gives out random hugs.

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