Namib Rain
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Publication Information
Publisher none yet
First appearance Tormented Night
Created by Luke Messer
Character Information
Alter ego Ngedi Mbouadell
Gender Female
Ethnicity African
Place of birth Namibia
Orientation Straight
Age 17
Eyes Brown
Hair Black
Height 5'4"
Weight 120 lbs
Team affiliation Umoja
Notable aliases Namib
Power Mist morph

Namib Rain is the heroic name of Ngedi Mbouadell, member of Umoja.


Ngedi was orphaned at five when her mother died of AIDS. She was told that her mother was a sinner, killed by a "gay disease," by the fundamentalists that ran the orphanage. She was adopted at ten by a wealthy American couple who continued this message. She entered Poseidon jaded and mistrustful of everyone but the ones who shared her skin color.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

Can turn into an intangible mist, which can expand to fill any room.

She is multilingual, sings and is a great cook. As well, she is skilled in the kama (hook blades).


Ngedi is virulently homophobic and calls homosexuality a "white man's disease." She is therefore distrustful if most white people. She will sing to clear her head and loves to cook.

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