Lifter of the Veil
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Publication Information
Publisher none yet
First appearance Tormented Night
Created by Luke Messer
Character Information
Alter ego Sean Ford
Gender Male
Ethnicity African American
Place of birth Cleveland, OH
Orientation Straight
Age 17
Eyes Brown
Hair Black
Height 6'1"
Weight 210 lbs
Team affiliation Poseidon Prep student
Notable aliases none known
Power Sorcery

Lifter of the Veil is the heroic name of Sean Ford, senior at Poseidon Prep.


Sean was deep in a gang in Cleveland when he came accross a strange ring. When he put it on, he could feel a surge of power and was drawn to an occult shop which was owned by an aged magician. The man mentored the kid out of the gang life through a devotion to magic. When he came of age, Sean acquired a scholarship to Poseidon. Despite his progress, he keeps many prejudices and grudges that hurt his advancement.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

A sorcerer, he "lifts the veil between magic and reality." His skills at necromancy have also begun to develop.

Sean practices bojutsu, which he utilizes with a mystical staff. As well, he has a dragon tattoo that he can animate.


Sean has a hard time breaking free of his gangster personality. He will often see life from that angle. He can have a short fuse at times. His view of homosexuality is extremely negative.

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