• Some information lifted from the official bio.
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Publication Information
Publisher  ?
First appearance  ?
Created by Ryan Vickers
Character Information
Alter ego Mikhail James
Gender Male
Ethnicity Russian-German
Place of birth San Francisco, CA
Orientation Straight
Age 17
Eyes Black
Hair Black
Height 6'1"
Weight 150 lbs
Team affiliation Poseidon Prep student
Notable aliases none known
Power Energy emission

Laser is the heroic name of Mikhail James, student at Poseidon Prep.


Growing up in San Francisco, Laser was always around gay people. He was, in fact, adopted, having two fathers himself. But he hated it. He hated the fact that his real parents were not around. He hated that his dads spent so much time at rallies and such. And one day, on his 15th birthday, his dads were at a gay rights rally. Laser ran away, never seeing his friends again.

When he ran, he decided to get as far away as possible. He went to New York City. He joined a gang in order to survive. For his initiation, he had to rob a high security facility. It was chosen for him to break into the new radioactive lab. He was successful in the break in but interfered with an experiment. When he did this, his body was overloaded with power and energy. He blasted the entire facility, and ran away before the cops showed up. After that, he decided to start his own gang. With his own powers, he found that a willing person could be easily mutated into a fighting machine. But the heroes of New York decided to try to stop him. This started his hatred of heroes. Once, a female hero, a teleporter, was captured by his gang. She tried to get away, but the gang was able to contain her. After blasting her for a few hours, she stopped teleporting. She could not. Her power was gone.

After this experience, Laser went to Pacific City. He signed up for Poseidon Prep, hoping to be able to control his rage and power, but meeting the students has only increased his anger. He has formed a gang with some of the locals, giving all of them powers.

He strongly dislikes almost everyone other than those in his gang.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

Can shoot radioactive rays out of his hands. While these beams can blast people, they can also genetically alter people. His gang is a group of humans who have been mutated into “superheroes”. These people are either mutated physically or mentally. Those physically mutated have enlarged feet, hands, or other body parts that give them increased strength in that part. Those who are mentally mutated are given telekinetic powers, such as pyrokinetics. He can also eliminate the powers of people born as superheroes with his rays. He can also absorb most forms of energy, and radiation just gives him a boost.


Constantly moody, and is always on the look out for people to turn into gang members, or homosexuals he can “teach a lesson.”

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