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Chip Cheetah
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Publication Information
Publisher Pride Comics
First appearance Pride High #1
Created by Tommy Roddy
Character Information
Alter ego Chippendale Chesterfield
Gender Male
Ethnicity English
Place of birth London, UK
Orientation Straight
Age 15
Eyes Blue
Hair Sandy blond
Height 5'6"
Weight 130 lbs
Team affiliation Pride High
Notable aliases none known
Powers Metamorph, super speed

Chip Cheetah is the heroic name of Chippendale Chesterfield, member of Pride High.


The son of prominent British Egyptologists, Chippendale Chesterfield lived away from home at a strict boarding school. Suffering from asthma for as long as he could remember, Chip kept to his studies and was excused from extracurricular activities. His life changed the day he saved a stray cat from a group of school bullies. Bast, the Egyptian Goddess of Cats, appeared to him in vision and asked what he wished for more than anything in the world. "To run. To run like the wind, fast and free, faster than the eye can see!" She granted his wish a hundred fold. And so Chip became Chip Cheetah, the boy with the fastest feet-ah!

Powers and abilitiesEdit

Chip Cheetah can jog comfortably at speeds hovering around 200 mph. However, he can sprint for short periods of time in excess of Mach 1 / 761 mph. He also possesses sharp claws and canines.

Chip's specialty is running. He can perform other actions at high speeds, but not proportionally as high as one would expect. As a former asthmatic, Chip Cheetah has a fear of drowning. He only uses the water taxis in Pacific City if he is sight-seeing with friends. He does a good job of hiding his discomfort, but he draws the line at swimming.

Possesses college-level knowledge of Ancient Egyptian history and mythology. Can read Egyptian heiroglyphics.


For a kid who can sprout fur and fangs, Chip is amazingly comfortable in his own skin. He truly feels his powers are a blessing, given his life before them. As someone who received an intense amount of bullying, he's always had a kinship for the underdogs. The fact that many people assume or imply that he's gay doesn't bother him in the least.

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