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Brian Ponce is the initial artist for Pride High.


Brian Ponce is an artist and entertainer who lives in both Madison, WI and Waupun, WI. Brian entertains and tours the Midwest as two entertainment personae. The DJ of the darkbeat, DJ Ravyn 1 and the campy/fabulous, the Contessa Pirahna.

Brian joined Pride Comics after seeing Tommy Roddy (co-creator of Pride High) searching for an artist on the GLA Yahoo Group that they were both members of. Brian researched Tommy's characters and sent him his renditions of them. The rest is history!

Brian left the creative team of Pride High on a permanent basis with Issue 4 (for which he only provided some of the coloring, but all the pencils) due to scheduling conflicts, but still remains in contact with the team and supports them in all they do!

One of the reasons Brian got involved with this project was due to the diversity of the characters and the creators behind them...Brian himself is Mexican, Puerto Rican, Apache, Navajho, German, Irish, Dutch, French, Spainard, and North African...

Brian has been involved in comics in the past. He served as creative consultant for a few projects here and there on some independent comics (unfortunately, due to internal conflicts none got far off the ground).

Brian provides the art, design, and/or photography for local (Madison) and WI statewide LGBT related events. Anything from posters, magazine design, cover work, editorial cartoons, etc. I occasionally venture past the community and have worked for local and statewide publications such as the Isthmus, the Reporter, Northwestern, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, and Quest.

Brian is also the co-founder of the Midwest Entertainment troupe Lexi Ravyn Productions, which also includes his buisness partner Alexis M. Rouge, legendary and international entertainer - Candi Stratton, New talent like - Bryanna Banxs , and many other talented individuals.

Brian has taken a break from comics for a bit, but has plans to return in the future. Right now he is currently the Advertising/Promotions Manager and Entertainment Director for the Midwest's largest LGBT venue - OUT, the entertainment coordinator for Madison Pride, the graphics consultant for OutReach (SC WI's LGBT Community Center), among other things.

In his spare time, Brian helps raise his nephews, Joshua and Paulie, with his parents (whom he shares custody with) and looks for new ways to branch out.

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